Massage Therapy is a proven way to boost relaxation, circulation, and range of motion. It can promote healing in trouble areas as well as across the entire body. Whether you're an athlete or non-athlete, we offer a number of bodywork services to suit your individual health and wellness needs. 

Please note: Due to pandemic protocols and leading up to my maternity leave, all clients will need to reach out via email or text 716-425-6536 to book appointments.  Online booking has been temporarily turned off. Appointments are still being accepted at this time.  Thank you for your understanding!


Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage

These are our most popular massage services.  Enjoy a Swedish massage focused on relaxation, or a Deep Tissue/Medical massage to work out problem areas.  Massage improves circulation and muscle health.


60 min Swedish massage $70

30 min Deep Tissue/Therapeutic massage $45

45 min Deep Tissue/Therapeutic massage $55

60 min Deep Tissue/Therapeutic massage $70

75 min Deep Tissue/Therapeutic massage $90

90 min Deep Tissue/Therapeutic massage $110

Series Packages:

3 - 30 min Massages $120

3 - 45 min Massages $150

3 - 60 min Massages $195

3 - 75 min Massages $255

3 - 90 min Massages $310

Spa Essentials

Aromatouch Therapy

This 45 minute service is designed using eight DoTerra Essential oils in order to achieve more overall wellness.  Helps with inflammation, mental balance, energy and immunity.


45 min Aromatouch  $55

75 min Neck, Back and Shoulders Massage with Aromatouch technique $115



This service is based on the belief that mental and physical health are interrelated, and should be conditioned together. By working various points on the feet and/or hands, other organs and areas of the body can be positively affected.


30 min Foot Reflexology $55

45 min Foot Reflexology $65

55 min Swedish Massage and 30 min Reflexology (85 min service) $120


DoTerra Deep Blue Rub

This can be used in any Deep Tissue/Medical massage.  Doterra Deep Blue Rub brings a comforting sensation of cooling and warmth to trouble areas.  This is a great add on for muscle soreness and sites of injury.

Add it to your massage for only $5

Scent Oils


Aromatherapy can be added onto any service uses DoTerra Essential Oils to help achieve various goals. The oils are uses both topically and aromatically.

Add Aromatherapy onto any massage for only $5

Current options:

Lavender for relaxation

Wild Orange for energy

Aromatouch blend for tension relief

Balance blend for balancing of mind, body, and emotions

Breathe blend for easier breathing

Cheer blend for promoting feelings of optimism, cheerfulness, and happiness, and counteract feeling down or blue

On Guard blend for healthy immune function

Copaiba for pain relief (similar to CBD)

Wintergreen for cramping relief