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Unlock Flexibility and Freedom in Just 15 Minutes a Day!

This program will enhance your flexibility and mobility in just 15 minutes a day, fitting seamlessly into your busy life. Led by an expert coach, it provides lifetime access to effective exercises designed to ensure lasting benefits for your hips and hamstrings.

Are you ready to experience the freedom of easy movement and enhanced daily function?


Say goodbye to stiff hips and tight hamstrings with our transformative program, 30 Days to Happier Hips.


This unique plan is designed to fit seamlessly into your busy life, requiring just 15 minutes a day to unlock a world of comfort and flexibility.

What you'll get:

Seven 15-Minute Recorded Videos: Each video is crafted to target your hips and hamstrings, promoting flexibility and mobility with effective, easy-to-follow routines.

30-Day Schedule: Our structured plan guides you through the month, ensuring you stay on track and maximize your progress.

Two Bonus Videos: Enjoy additional content designed to enhance your results and keep you motivated.

Lifetime Access: Revisit the program anytime you want, ensuring your hips stay happy and healthy long-term.

Unlock Flexibility and Mobility for Just $14

Starts June 17th!

Meet Your Coach

Erica Bazzell, your dedicated Women's Wellness Coach, brings over 15 years of experience in yoga and mobility training. As a 500 eRYT certified instructor, Erica has honed her expertise to help women reclaim their flexibility and improve daily function. As a runner and mom of two, she understands the challenges of maintaining hip mobility and has created this program with your busy lifestyle in mind.

Why 30 Days to Happier Hips?

  • Flexible and Convenient: Only 15 minutes a day, perfect for any schedule.

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from Erica Bazzell, a seasoned professional who knows the struggle and the solutions.

  • Affordable: Transform your hips for just $14, less than the cost of a single yoga class.

  • Lifetime Access: Keep the program forever and maintain your progress.

Transform in Just 30 Days!


Starting June 17th, embark on a journey to happier hips and a more mobile you. Join now and take the first step towards a more flexible, comfortable, and active lifestyle.

Don’t miss out – enroll today for just $14!

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