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You've done all the diets before - it's time for something new!

In this program, you will learn how to break through the plateaus and finally make progress on your goals without any crazy diets.  


I've been hearing you. Loud and clear.

You think you've been eating clean and getting rid of all the "bad" foods, and yet - nothing. No change. No progress.

Well, this is where you find it.

You spend so much time taking care of everyone else - your family, your job, everyone but you.  You want to lose weight, feel better in your body, and get healthy, yet everything you try feels like a failure.

You dial in your nutrition. You cut out bread, and cookies, and if you eat one more plate of plain chicken and broccoli, you might scream.

And it doesn't work. You don't see the number on the scale change. Your clothes still fit the same. You look at photos from ten years ago and wish you could go back.

I've finally designed a program just for YOU! 


The Power of 3 Reset will give you the strategies and tools that you need to take control of your diet, and get closer to the goals you have been waiting for.  No more rabbit food meals and counting the hours until you can eat again! Just simple steps to get RESULTS.

With the Power of 3 Reset, you will learn how to eat to properly nourish YOUR body. What you will learn through this program will stay with you for the rest of your life. The Power of 3 Reset is a lifestyle, not a diet that comes and goes. 

Within this program, you will:

  • learn how to make small, manageable changes to your diet without endless counting of macros, calories, and hours

  • explore eating for your specific body type and find what foods actually make you FEEL amazing

  • ditch the cookie cutter, restrictive diets of your past, and make LASTING changes in your health

  • make mindset shifts that will change you from the inside, out!

Erica has a way of always asking the questions that make you dig a little deeper and learn about yourself.

- Colleen, Power of 3 client


You've waited long enough to reach your goals! The time is NOW!

8 week Program
starting July 3


8 week program
w/ 1:1 coaching


Don't wait, doors close July 2!

Don't wait, doors close November 4!

Don't wait, doors close November 4!


  • A 360 wellness check to see where you're at now

  • Goal setting session to get crystal clear on where you're going

  • My SIMPLE nutrition plan to help you reset and make sense of your food

  • 8 weeks of group Voxer accountability and support with me

  • Exclusive VIP option includes ONE1:1 coaching session and private 1:1 Voxer access to me, to even better tailor the program to YOU


3 months access to The Power of 3 Membership Portal (Value of over $800)
     - Access to over 80 recorded fitness classes
     - The opportunity to tune in to live virtual classes
     - Monthly group coaching calls

Live access to ME over the 8 weeks (Value of over $1000)
     - A private Voxer chat group, where you can ask questions and work through obstacles in real time.

Group coaching session (Value of over $200)
     - ONE live group coaching session, where you can be spotlighted to work through any roadblocks you're finding.

What if you got the knowledge and support you needed to truly succeed?

8 week Program
starting July 3

8 week program w/ 1:1 coaching

Act now, doors close July 2!

Don't wait, doors close November 4!

Still on the fence?

Habit Journal (5).png

Look, I get it. There are so many different diet plans out there.

With each new recommendation, you test it out, and want it to work so badly, then it fails.  And what's the next thing you do? You blame yourself.  Why doesn't this work for me? Something must be wrong with me. I can't do this.  But here's the thing - you can, and you will. 

It hasn't worked yet because you've spent the past however long trying to fit into the mold that someone else has set out for you.  It hasn't worked because you've been making your nutrition harder than it has to be.  Time and time again, you've vowed to make a change, and you didn't follow through. You've told yourself that this time will be different.

Here's the thing.  This time WILL be different.  Why? Because this program is about making nutrition simple without all the counting and hassle.  Plus, now you'll have me in your corner helping you get to where you want to go. Real change isn't about pain and sacrifice. It's about knowledge and support, and that's why I'm here. 

You've got this.  All you have to do is take the first step.

Join the Power of 3 Reset today!

8 week Program
starting July 3


8 week program w/ 1:1 coaching


Don't wait, doors close July 2!

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